Music Teachers,
How would you like:

⦾ Guaranteed Income
⦾ Unlimited Earning Potential
⦾ Automated Streamlined Process!
⦾ Total Scheduling Flexibility!

Automated Notifications

⦾ Email/SMS Lesson Notifications
Never lose a lesson!  MusicSoft sends automated reminder notifications to parents, so you don't lose income for lost lessons.
⦾ Send grades to parents
With MusicSoft, when you enter lesson notes and grades, parents can automatically receive notifications, so parents know exactly how the lesson went before they pick up their child.
⦾ Automatic Invoicing
Stop chasing down parents for payments.  MusicSoft has you covered with automated, recurring invoicing and payments.
⦾ Online Registration
Parents will love you for this!  One less hastle for them before school starts.
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Online Portal

⦾ Calendar Accessible World-Wide
Students access your MusicSoft studio portal to reschedule from anywhere in the world.  MusicSoft allows you to focus on your core competancy: teaching lessons for money, not rescheduling lessons for free.
⦾ Master Schedule
Scheduling conflicts are your biggest expense!  Take full control over your scheduling data and decisions.  See who is teaching which student, what instrument, at what time, and where.  Focus on teaching lessons and earning revenue, not paperwork and calling clients.
⦾ Flexible Hours, Work Half-Time
Tired of making your boss rich?  MusicSoft's tools were created by and for private music teachers.  End the rat race - use MusicSoft to work fewer hours, earn more money, and do what you love!