Grow your Music Studio

  • Guaranteed Income
  • Unlimited Earning Potential
  • Fully Automated, Streamlined Process!
  • Total Scheduling Flexibility

Music Soft is your TOTAL SOLUTION for the private music instructor! Your business is teaching music. Our business is supporting your business!

Earn a Full Time Salary, working Half-Time Hours!

The sky is the limit! With MusicSoft, you can easily increase from just a few private students, to a full-time studio, with a wait-list waiting to get in. You can even quit your current job, double (or even triple) your pay, work fewer hours, and be your own boss!

Set your own work hours, tuition-rates, and policies, using our specialized software. MusicSoft was designed by a private music instructor, specifically for the private music instructor.

Educating the Next Generation - Doing What you Love

Your job as a music instructor is vitally important. Children, more than ever, need assistance with dexterity and reading. By teaching music music, your are healing their dexterity and motor coordination problems, which server them well is other areas of their academic and extra-curricular lives.

By teaching children to read music, you are improving their general reading skills, by training their eyes to read. The visual coordination they learn with you transfers directly to their general reading skill, as you are training the eyeball to focus and process the information on the written page.

MusicSoft allows you, the private music instructor, to focus on teaching lessons, rather than getting bogged down with administration and constant scheduling, coordination, and chasing down client payments. MusicSoft does that for you, while you do what you love, teaching music.

Incubator System

If you are just starting out as a private music instructor, or you are fewer than seven students, the incubator package is probably right for you. Our Incubator package gives you access to the full suite of Professional tools at cost manageable for the software transition, allowing you to focus on growing your studio, rather than paying for premium services while you ramp up your business.

Just as we don't travel by horses anymore (cars are a million times more efficient), we no longer shuffle papers, sticky notes, and spend long hours on the phone scheduling and rescheduling music students. MusicSoft is a million times more efficient. MusicSoft will organize your business according to the specific needs of the private music instructor professional, allowing you to focus on teaching and growing your business, not continually chasing clients for registration, scheduling, and payments.

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Professional Suite

If you already have five or six students, you are probably realizing that managing your private music instruction business is taking much more of your time than you originally thought. You may be spending more hours than you realize coordinating with clients, invoicing, chasing client payments, taking checks to the bank, rescheduling, etc...

Unlock the sheer force of power and leverage for your business. MusicSoft is the Suite of tools you have been mercilessly waiting for, to administer your Music lessons business. MusicSoft was written by and for private music instructors, and is built specifically for the private music instruction business process.

Your job is to teach music, not to be a secretary. Our Professional grade suite of software tools manages your music teaching business for you, thereby converting the hours your spend on non-chargeable tasks into chargeable hours, resulting in increased revenue and time better spent on your core competency: teaching music.

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Education Suite - Starter

If both you and your spouse both teach, or you manage other instructors, employing and assigning students to them (either W2 or 1099), then you'll need our Education Starter suite.

In addition to all our Professional Suite software tools, our Education starter suite allows you to manage complex faculty scheduling, by setting up buildings, rooms, and faculty, so you can efficiently assign students to the correct instructor of the correct instrument in the correct room at the correct time. As you have probably found out, parents are finicky about showing up at the wrong place or the wrong time due to scheduling mis-assignments. With MusicSoft, completely eliminate costly scheduling problems and room assignment conflicts.

Our Education Suite also allows your faculty to log in to your online portal, and create their faculty biographies, which the system instantly publishes to your website, illustrating your studio strengths through your marketing channels.

Once you begin using our Education starter suite of software tools, you will most likely find that the extra time you have available and the power of our software will soon transform your budding music studio into a full-fledged Music School, with a complete course catalog, designed and managed by you. You'll be charging your clients a semester tuition, thereby securing your budget for the academic calendar. No more worrying about a fluctuating revenue stream during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, nor the summer session.

With all this, in addition to many other tools and reports specifically designed by and for music teachers, you will soon have full control of your music studio business, eliminating paperwork and clutter while being totally organized and focued on education and client service, not administrative overhead.

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Education Suite - Full

If you run a full fledged Music School, our MusicSoft Education system is the Industry specific data system you have been seeking. MusicSoft was written by a music school, for music schools.

Request a demo today, to see how MusicSoft will leverage your business, allowing you and your faculty to focus on your core competency - teaching music - while MusicSoft automates the administrative tasks of the academic management process, freeing you up to convert more prospects into tuition-paying students, and to expand your business while earning more revenue, and converting your time and expenses into earned income.

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